Algiers Point Association—Mid-Year Progress Report

Here’s what your neighborhood association has been doing so far in 2017:

Ferry Terminals: When we discovered that the Canal Street ferry terminal was to be demolished with no plan to replace the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, we wrote letters to federal agencies and testified before the City Planning Commission and City Council to demand that the terminal not be torn down without a design that includes an overpass. This resulted in a meeting with the Mayor, RTA and Transdev representatives, state DOT officials, City Council members and legislators in which they promised that $3,000,000 would be found to make a new overpass happen. The City Council passed a resolution that the pedestrian overpass was to be built at the same time as the new terminal. But, so far, we have not seen the money or the overpass design. The APA also participated in a public meeting in which RTA solicited suggestions for refurbishing the Algiers Ferry Terminal.

Zoning Issues: Algiers Point is attracting developers who could alter our riverfront. We review and comment on proposed developments as they come to our attention. Since the fall of 2015, we have been focused on one that would create a beach-type resort next to the Algiers ferry terminal. We have attended numerous meetings with the developer of the so-called “City Beach” project. The developer has made positive changes based on our comments. However, the designs are not final, important governmental permits must still be obtained and a construction start is probably a year away. As a result, the APA has not taken a position against or in favor of the project. At the appropriate time, the APA will solicit public and membership comments and sponsor a public meeting before it takes a stand. The APA has also submitted comments to the City Planning Commission on the proposed new zoning Master Plan and a revised Riverfront Overlay District ordinance. Our goal is to protect our riverfront and the historic character of the Algiers Point neighborhood but, at the same time, to support the growth of new businesses that would enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood. Our development guidelines can be reviewed on the APA website (www.

Neighborhood Improvement and Events:

We continue our popular crime camera grant program and meet regularly with NOPD District 4 leadership. We funded and planted 50 new trees in the neighborhood. We have been working with city agencies to get street light repairs, a new “Begin One Way Sign” on Patterson, and, hopefully soon, a working water fountain in Larkin Park. We continue to sponsor “Movies on the Point.” We are advocating for bike sharing stations on the West Bank. We arranged for APA members to receive a discount membership fee at the Ochsner Fitness Center in Federal City. This discount will continue under the new operators. We are looking forward to the 2017 Algiers Point Home Tour on October 21 and 22 and our annual holiday party on December 9.

IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE ARE DOING, join us at Let us know if you can serve on a committee (Events, Neighborhood Improvement, Membership & Communications or Planning & Zoning). We need your involvement to keep and preserve our special neighborhood.

— -Rob Booms, President, Algiers Point Association