Algiers Point Association End of Year Progress Report


2017 was another successful year for the APA.  Here are some of the highlights:

•       Became a co-sponsor of Wednesday Nights on the Point with the Algiers Economic Development Foundation so that the event could happen this year. Also became a financial sponsor of the Algiers bonfire.
•       Advocated for changes in real estate development plans that could alter the character of the Algiers Point neighborhood. This included meetings with the developers of the so-called City Beach at the ferry terminal, the homes at Patterson and Atlantic and a proposed 400 unit apartment complex near Mardi Gras World. This work continues.
•       Fearing that proposed changes in zoning for the east bank riverfront overlay district might be applied to Algiers Point, demanded that neighborhood input remain a requirement for new developments and that riverfront developments provide visual and public access to the batture,  public amenities, adequate parking and green infrastructure.
•       Staged, co-sponsored or financially supported successful events including Movies on the Point, the Children’s Mardi Gras Parade, the Annual Algiers Point Home Tour, the Confetti Kids Candy Land Ball, the ALLA  Krew appreciation breakfast for District 4 NOPD and Holidays on the Point.
•       Worked to ensure that ferry service continues and service is improved. Along with Friends of the Ferry, fought and won a fight for a pedestrian railroad overpass at the Canal Street Ferry Terminal. However, we recently learned that the overpass design lacks  a roof and are now in a fight to make sure that the overpass is shielded from heat and rain.
•       Continued a partnership with the Federal City Fitness Center that reduces fitness center dues for APA members for as much as $10 per month.
•       Planted and funded 50 new trees in Algiers Point area through the SOUL (Sustaining our Urban Landscape) program.
•       Became a 501 (c) (3) corporation so that contributions to the APA are tax deductible.
•       Continued to lead a forum for all Algiers Point area organizations, including Algiers Development District and AEDF, to cooperate on joint programs for the Old Algiers neighborhood.  Participated on the boards of Old Algiers Main Street and Algiers Neighborhood Presidents’ Council.
•       Continued to sponsor and subsidize HD-night vision cameras throughout the Point in order to reduce our crime rate. We have over 100 active cameras operating throughout the neighborhood. We have met regularly with NOPD District 4 to voice our concerns about pockets of crime.
•       Requested and got additional one-way signs to keep people from turning the wrong way on the one way section of Patterson.
•       Installed “Scoop Dat Dog” dispensers for plastic baggies to collect dog waste.

Our board meets the third Thursday of every month at Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church, Olivier and Pelican, at 7 p.m.  All are welcome to attend. The minutes of our meeting are posted on the APA website. Watch for updated information and the agenda of our board meetings on our Facebook page (@algierspointasc

Due to our successes, the APA has greatly strengthened its voice in the community. However, many challenges lie ahead. While crime is down, the need for vigilance continues. Developers and investors in vacation home rentals have set their sights on Algiers Point. The APA is not opposed to new residential and commercial development but so long as it does not jeopardize the unique character of our neighborhood.

If you are a past member who hasn’t paid dues in a while, come back!  If you’re new to the area whether businesses owner, home owner or renter, join us and become a part of the most vibrant community organization in New Orleans.  Go to to join or renew your membership.

Rob Booms, President. Algiers Point Association