Kicking off 2018 with the Algiers Point Association


Hello neighbors!

My name is Kelsey Foster, and I’m the 2018 Algiers Point Association president. I’ve lived in Algiers Point for almost eight years. I’m excited to have the chance to work with all of our neighbors to host great events, improve our neighborhood, and continue to make Algiers Point the best place to live in the City of New Orleans!

I work for the Committee for a Better New Orleans, a 52-year-old non-profit organization that advocates for meaningful civic engagement on a local level. I help communities connect with important city processes like the Master Plan and the city budget. A lot of my work focuses on the Big Easy Budget Game, an interactive website that asks you to play Mayor of New Orleans for a day. Our hope is that this game will give you an idea of how our city spends money, give you a chance to weigh in, and create useful data that our elected officials and other local leaders can use to make a better budget.

I have great hopes for this year. The Algiers Point Association has set fantastic goals to make real changes in our community. Among them, we’ll be raising money to help renovate and repair the Jazz Walk on the levee, encouraging and coordinating tree planting in the neighborhood, continuing to install free doggy-bag dispensers around the Point, and hosting quarterly volunteer opportunities so that we can all get our hands dirty and continue to build community with our neighbors, improve our neighborhood, and create positive change in the greatest place to call home in New Orleans.

We’re also excited to welcome LSU Healthcare Network to Algiers! LSU has taken over the gym at Federal City, and will be offering fantastic expanded programming for adults, kids, and seniors. Your membership with the Algiers Point Association earns you a discount at the gym, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get fit!

Because civic engagement is not just my 9-5 job, but my passion, I urge all of you to get involved! You can join the APA as a member here to keep up to date on all the great work we do throughout the year or click here to join one of our great committees. Everyone is welcome! Let’s make 2018 a great year in Algiers Point!


Kelsey Foster