Crime Camera Grant Program

The Algiers Point Association is committed to building a safe community for all of our neighbors. We will grant $150 to anyone living in our neighborhood who wishes to install a safety camera pointed towards the public right-of-way.

There are two options for cameras that will be considered for this program:

1) $150 one time grant for a Project NOLA camera or camera linked with the City of New Orleans Real Time Crime Center’s SafeCam Platinum Program.

Information on Project NOLA Partnership:

Our previous $200 grant applies only to Project NOLA systems which were purchased prior to 1 February.  All new systems will be provided $150 grant.  All previous conditions with respect to Project NOLA cameras still apply.  These are listed below under Project NOLA Grant Conditions.

Information on the City of New Orleans’ Real Time Crime Center’s SafeCam Platinum Program:

  • Just like our existing partnership with Project NOLA, it is not required to tie your personal camera into this system to be considered for the grant.
  • To learn more about the SafeCam Platinum Program and the specific requirements it involves, learn more here.

2) $150 one time grant for an independent video system

The new program allows for a home within Algiers Point to purchase their own video security system.  This purchase must be made after 1 February, 2017 to qualify.  We have a system which is preapproved and may be found on Amazon:

GW 8 Channel H.265 NVR 4MP (2592 x 1520) Power Over Ethernet IP Camera System, 4pcs 4MP 1520p 2.8-12mm Varifocal Zoom POE Weatherproof Bullet Security Cameras, 130ft Night Vision

  • Any Home video system other than the above must get approval to be eligible for the grant.
  • As a condition of the grant at least one camera from the video security system must be directed toward public space.
  • An officer of the APA must confirm final installation and that at least one camera is pointed at a public area and that the cameras are being recorded.
  • Systems from security companies like ADT are typically low quality and do not qualify for this grant.

Project NOLA Grant Conditions

  • $150 is provided by the APA once the camera is purchased, installed, application is completed and the cameramonitoring by Project NOLA is confirmed. Slightly larger amounts have been approved by the board for cameras located in important areas.
  • Cox internet is much preferred over AT&T’s connection. As a past AT&T internet customer it is an extremely slow connection at best and even the slowest COX internet connection will vastly outperform AT&T’s fastest connection. COX internet service will comfortably support your camera connection without any significant effect on your internet service.
  • Please purchase your camera from Project NOLA. There are far too many low quality, low cost cameras on the market. Most of these cheaper cameras have very poor night vision capability and many advertise features the cameras simply do not have. To ensure a camera which qualifies for our grant purchase the camera through Project NOLA.
  • The Project NOLA camera can be a part of a larger camera or security system and will still qualify for the grant.
  • A second APA cameragrant is sometimes possible if you own a corner property. Typically the second camera will receive an additional $50-100. This second grant must be APA board approved so please call to discuss a second camera before installation.
  • We’ve now had cameras that have been operating for 3 years. If there is some reason that your camera is no longer being recorded the APA board has authorized four $50 grants for a service call which returns a camera to service.
  • We recommend E South (504) 234-1017 or Advanced Custom Solutions (504) 722-5668 for camera installation and servicing. Installation is typically $150, service calls start at $50 and go up depending on complexity.  Ensure you discuss costs with the company before they arrive.

Email to apply and learn more.