Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church

Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church

530 Pelican Ave.


Mt. Olivet is in the oldest church building in continuous use on the west bank of New Orleans. Built in 1854, the building has been in continuous use for more than one hundred fifty years.  The first services were held in the parlor of the Hughes Hotel in 1846 – the present day site of Belleville School.


The current building was built in 1854, entirely of cypress. It has withstood two fires and several hurricanes. Originally it faced Olivier where the racetrack across the street annoyed the church ladies so severely they referred to them as a “bunch of wild hooligans.”  The racetrack closed in 1861 and by the 1880s, Mt. Olivet had outgrown this building and a fine new brick building was built.  This structure was moved to face Pelican and used as a parish hall. Alas, by 1961 the massive brick structure was crumbling and had to be torn down.

Trinity Lutheran Church:

Built in 1911 by German families, this church might have lost its steeple in Hurricane Katrina but never its faithful.  And the faithful (and everyone else) flocks to the Octoberfest that the church hosts every Fall.